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investing in the moment

U.S. homes are predicted to rise 14.9% between March 2022 to March 2023.

Start an investment that takes you to greater heights.

Your One Stop Investment

SP Grand Investment evaluates the worth of investments, included financial services, real estates, and stock investment.

All in one investment planning

Our clients will receive the most updated information on the current market, whether for financial advices, insurance premium, or Real Estates.

Real Estates, we got you covered

Real estates is by far the most valuable investment in the modern days. We will guide you through the process of buying a house in United States.

Stock Agent, invest with the professional

We have unque visions on investing in stocks. During the current market, it is important to have a trustworthy stock agent to back you up.

Dedicated Stock Investment

Are you new in investing in stock market or are just unsure how to invest in the current market? We offer dedicated stock investment guidance to help you to pass the inflation era.

Check out our cool culture!

SP Grand Investment is a platform that you can rely on and trust for the future investment.

Based in Hacienda Heights, California

Our business is based in Hacienda Heights, where is near Rowland Heights, a place with full of various cultures and foods. We expanding our visions by learning new culturals with clients.

We love investment

Digging into investment trending is what we put most of our passion into. We research and improve our visions day by day with the most market trend.

We speaks English and Mandarin

Our professionals speaks both English and Mandarin, to ensure we understand your needs and then we can optimize the outcome of any requests.

We seek for clients satisfications

Client satisfications are our number one goal. Seeing a smilly face brings us energy to push ourselves beyond the limit. We look forward to work with you.

Why SP Grand Investment

Investment can be high risk without the support of experienced professionals, which is what we offer.

Work together and nurturing the future with the right step

In SP Grand Investment, we believed that with the correct amount of support on investment, it can bring the bright future of everyone. Our goal and vision is to nurture the future together with our community by doing the great investment.

Connect with a local investment expert or learn from our community

We will assign the perfect expert based on your investment scenario, and work closely with your expectation and goal, nurture your future with the correct choice of the investment. You can also learn from others story within our community.

Start an investment that takes you to greater heights.

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